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Lending Products

Term Loan with Subordinated Participation

The largest challenge today facing mortgage brokers and their borrower clients is the ability to secure sufficient loan amounts on commercial real estate either on renewal, acquisition or refinance. Properties are being appraised at higher capitalization rates resulting in lower valuations and lower loan amounts being offered by institutional lenders. Epireon can assist you in providing your clients the aggregate loan amount that they require at competitive rates, fees and terms.

We will analyze the loan request and then combine institutional lenders and our private investors to offer one mortgage loan at the loan amount required. Your client pays one lender fee, one legal fee and one mortgage payment. The institutional participation means that the mortgage is well priced with a term suited to the borrower’s needs.

Epireon's clients include property owners and managers including investment grade multi -residential, industrial, retirement residences, office, mixed use commercial, retail, hotel and vacant land appropriately zoned for future development.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

The standard model for commercial real estate lending is the Fixed Rate Mortgage. An Epireon broker can advise you where opportunities exist for negotiation on mortgage lending terms, interest rates and pre-payment privileges. We can provide the best fixed interest rates and terms offered today.

Floating Rate Mortgage

A floating rate mortgage is usually based on the prime lending rate of one or more of the Canadian Chartered Banks. Many borrowers choose floating rate loans to take advantage of the historically low interest rates available over the past few years. Floating rate loans often feature minimal or no prepayment penalties. They are particularly attractive to buyers with a one to three year time horizon, such as the acquisition of a property going through a reposition or a turnaround.

Construction Loans

Typically, Construction Loans are short-term loans utilized by borrowers to finance building costs. Every construction loan varies depending on the product, the length of the construction process, and the borrower's experience. Epireon can help builders find the best source, rate and term.