Epireon Intelligent Financial Solutions
about us

Dave Bannister (FSCO Lic. M08008567)

Dave Bannister has 30 years of experience in all aspects of institutional and private mortgage lending, including business development, mortgage underwriting and default management.

For the past ten years, Dave has been a managing partner in EMCC acting as a broker in its own right and also as the Mortgage Broker of Record for several large, private commercial mortgage lenders. On Epireon funded mortgages, Dave underwrites, structures, packages and presents mortgage loans to the Credit Committee for approval providing additional lender support to the firm.

Prior to incorporating EMCC Dave co-managed a mortgage trust and mortgage broker of record for an independently owned Canadian Securities firm. Additionally, Dave provided default management on a number of syndicated mortgage portfolio workouts including the realization of assets, resolving legal issues and distribution of recovered funds.

Chuck Barrett AMP (FSCO Lic. M08004064)

Chuck is a partner and the Principal Broker at EMCC. He also is responsible for the day to day management of Epireon Capital Limited, private mortgage lender and Epireon Capital Advisors Limited (FSCO License No. 11299), a Mortgage Administrator.

Licensed as a mortgage broker since 1981 with an emphasis on syndicated private lending, Chuck brings a lender's perspective to the structuring of each transaction ensuring the best chance of success.

Prior to incorporating EMCC Chuck co-managed a mortgage trust and the mortgage broker of record for an independently owned Canadian securities firm.

John Pehlke (FSCO Lic. M08008940)

John Pehlke's market is South-western Ontario and brings over 30 years of banking, lending and mortgage brokerage experience, mostly focused on commercial real estate lending and construction financing. Through his extensive institutional and private lender contacts, John has brokered transactions and acted as a portfolio advisor assisting developers, builders and property owners in securing financing best suited to their requirements.

Involved in commercial lending since the early 1980's, John has experienced several large market swings in the commercial real estate market. He strives to structure financing that works as well for the borrower and it does for the lender. Also John usually remains involved in the construction draw process.

Extensive knowledge of the real estate market assists John in counseling clients with not only the financing aspects of the project, but also with market intelligence that may assist in the design and marketing of the project.

Brenda Nunes (FSCO Lic. M08008921)

Over the past 12 years Brenda Nunes has worked with firms specializing in the private funding of commercial, industrial and investment grade residential real estate licensed as an agent and managing their mortgage portfolios. Prior to this, Brenda was a commercial real estate law clerk practicing in the GTA.